It even fixes bad photography!

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The color correction technology in our scanner is amazing to say the least.  Old, faded photos that I scan come out looking fresh and colorful.  I love how easily we can restore old images.  So one day I was scanning some of my own personal pictures, and came across some from when I lived in Jamaica.  I was there serving a two-year volunteer service mission for my church.  We had made friends with a really fun Rastafarian who went by the name “Honey Bee”.  One of his trades was that of a wood carver.  I had hired him to carve a beautiful plaque for my wall back home, which was a map of the island, and had my name on it.  I took this picture of him so I’d remember him.   Of course this was 15 or so years ago, I didn’t realize until I developed the film a couple months later that I’d done a horrible job shooting a poorly lit scene.

Honey Bee Before Color Correction

I went ahead and washed it through the software to see what would happen, and just like that, it looked a LOT better!  So not only can we fix old pictures, but we can fix some bad photography too!  Sorry, we can’t take off the extra 10 pounds the camera adds…

Honey Bee After Color Correction

One Response to “It even fixes bad photography!”

  1. What a difference that made on the picture! I love going through old pictures and remembering people I’ve forgotten…

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