Reactions to our first trade show!

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Last night I had the opportunity to attend a small trade show in Salt Lake City, which showcased a few dozen local businesses.  I simply sat at a small card table, with our iconic shoebox of photographs, and explained to the attendees who we are the solution to “this problem”.

This is the first time I have had a chance to speak with a large number of total strangers, one on one, about our services.  The response was better than I had anticipated, and I’d like to share a few observations with you.

First, everybody thought it was a fantastic idea.  They really connected with what we are doing.  I would ask them if they had a shoebox like the one on my table at home, and 100% of the people I asked, said “No”, but that they had WAY more pictures than that sitting at home, rotting in a closet.  A few variations of that story that caught my attention:

  • One older gentleman pointed out, that not only are they rotting away, but nobody is enjoying them!  His grandchildren had never seen some of those pictures, nor heard the stories that went with them.  Both he and his lovely wife really started processing the impact of that realization.
  • Another sweet young lady has parents who are out of the country right now, serving a volunteer service mission for their church.  All of their belongings are in storage for the duration, and she’s trying to figure out if she can get into the storage unit to find them and get them scanned, so she can build some photobooks as a welcome home gift.
  • Then there was the heart breaker – Another couple I spoke to had pipes break in the basement, and they told me of all the damage it caused.  One of the boxes that got soaked was full of pictures, and a lot of them were destroyed.  It is so sad to see how easily those pictures can be lost in a situation that should have just been an inconvenience.
  • One of  the most exciting guys I spoke to, really connected to our color restoration system.  He’d recently looked through some old pictures of his younger days, having the time of his life with his Jeep down in Moab, Utah.  He said those pictures were already fading and he was anxious to get them corrected and preserved.

The night was a fantastic success for me, because I got to hear from real people, their real stories.  Many shared memories of years long behind them.  You could see others crunching numbers in their heads, trying to estimate how many pictures they have at home.  Only one lucky gentlemen told me with a look of satisfaction, that his photos were all done.  His wife had spent many many months working through two lifetimes worth of pictures.  Hers had been a labor of love, and he made me promise not to tell her how quickly we could have done the job :) .

The second observation I made, is that I think I’ve had the sales formula wrong from the start.  We have been offering scans in pre-paid lots of 100, 500, and 1000 scans.  People went straight for the 1000 scan option.  Not because it’s the best price point for getting scans done, but because they already know that 100 or 500 scans isn’t going to get the job done.  Moab guy bought 2000 scans without hesitation, and said “this should get me started”.   It was interesting to see that my family wasn’t the only photo-happy people back in the day.

So that was our night.  We got out and shared our mission with the public and got a very warm welcome.  It will be interesting to see how the holiday season plays out, we hope many people will be inspired to give the gift of Photographic Peace of Mind.

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