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Simply call us today at 801-382-SCAN and we’ll get your project started! If you are local to the Salt Lake City area, you can make arrangements to drop off your project, and if you are not, we can walk you through getting your project shipped out to us. It’s very simple.

Our photo scanning services start at 29 cents per scan, and goes lower based on larger orders.

Your project will include the following:

  • White glove treatment – our fingerprints will never touch your photos
  • We will scan and group your files however you have your photos grouped
  • Your envelopes will be tagged with a sticker indicating that they have been scanned and archived
  • Faded photographs will be color enhanced
  • White borders on old prints and Polaroids will be cropped out, to allow for optimum color correction
  • You will receive Hi-Resolution files for printing, and Low-Resolution files for email and online sharing
  • Your completed project will be burned to DVD (and M-Disc for an additional $10 per disc)
  • We keep your files on our servers for a minimum of 90 days, giving you time to secure your own online storage or other backup solution

Give us a call today at 801-382-SCAN!